ClientWest of England Academic Health Science Network

ProjectDesign Together / Live Together


Purplefish worked with West of England Academic Health Science Network (WEAHSN) and Designability to develop a campaign which placed citizens at the centre of health innovation in the South West. The project aimed to foster relationships and put citizen involvement at the centre of health innovation through collaboration. We also set out to design and manufacture citizen-led products to help people living with challenging health conditions.


The project started with stakeholder research and messaging development, followed by a public consultation and strategy, supported by stakeholder focus group. The theme of “Maximising independence” was developed along with focus areas including being active, keeping busy and living well. The name proposed for the project was “Design together, live better”.

Logo design and branding was designed to be clear and accessible for people to recognise and remember, and guidelines for all communications were developed. The call to action was “Are you, or someone you know, living with a challenging health condition?”.


  • 94 people attended the workshops living with 22 different type of challenging health conditions.
  • Online advertising had 29,824 impressions with 174 click-throughs performing above Local World average of 0.20% for optimised campaigns receiving CTR of 0.60%.
  • 8411, 111 total audience/circulation with 2.1 million opps to see/hear.
  • 12 workable product design ideas were developed including folding shoehorn, writing assistant, soap dispenser, lightweight mobility trike, washing dressing aids, and adaptive footwear.
  • Three were developed into prototypes showcased at the WESHSN annual conference – one handed harness, portable bidet and companion trolley.

Project Completed By Purplefish