ClientThe Trentham Estate, St Modwen

ProjectHappy Memories are Created Here


The Trentham Estate is one of the country’s top visitor destinations. Comprised of 725 acres, it’s the last remnant of one of England’s great garden estates, attracting in the region of 3 million visitors a year.

We were challenged to raise the profile and increase awareness of the estate leading 4 million footfall by the end of 2016, increase the duration and frequency of visits, maximise profitable spend on site and portray the Trentham Estate as a quality destination of national significance.


We used Trentham’s customer promise: ‘Happy memories are created here’ as the platform for our strategy, exploring what really makes a happy memory. This involved an experience, our senses, human emotion, or a shared moment with friends or family.

We designed a PR campaign that brought to life what you can’t do sitting in your living room watching TV or shopping on Amazon. We wanted to bring to life everything you can taste, touch, smell, see and hear on your visit to the Estate, and to convey every one of those senses across print media to broadcast channels, websites and blogs.


In 2015/16 we achieved 174 items of positive media coverage including 29 articles in national media, 19 articles in major regional titles and 126 items of local coverage to support Trentham Shopping Village and to drive ticket sales.

Paid entry visits to Trentham Gardens increased by 14% on the previous year to 545,000, total visits to the whole Estate are now well over 3m and Trentham Shopping Village turnover increased by 6%.

Project Completed By Plinkfizz