ClientNew Anglia LEP

ProjectLook Sideways East


To raise the profile of Norfolk and Suffolk as world-class cultural destinations.


The project follows two main strands of activity: stakeholder engagement and audience communications campaigns. Before commencing the project, the cultural and tourism sectors in the region were fragmented and siloed. Spring devised a range of tools to foster a collaborative network in the region, including workshops and seminars, an aggregated events/planning tool to allow organisations to more effectively communicate their offer and regular newsletters to keep all stakeholders abreast of latest project activity. Using existing audience data, Spring created a series of audience personae to better target digital activity and develop a series of audience-specific campaigns around key points in the calendar. These campaigns unfolded over social media, targeted regional press, and through targeted print distribution.


  • While the project is still in progress, early results have shown a greater cohesiveness between the cultural and tourism sectors, with many holiday packages created, targeted directly at cultural tourists.
  • Print distribution at events rich in target audiences has been really well received, with a 90% uptake rate, and qualitative feedback suggesting that many audiences weren’t aware of the region’s cultural offer.
  • Digital campaigns, which are the main focus of audience communications, have, to date, benefited from a very targeted approach, with 2 million impressions, seeing average CTRs of 4.5%.

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