ProjectSizewell C Consultation


EDF Energy is undertaking planning consultation for the construction of Sizewell C, a two-reactor nuclear power station in Suffolk. They are working with Spring to deliver a three-stage, on-the-ground consultation for residents and interest groups affected by the process. Outside of formal consultation periods Spring support with other community engagement and sponsorship activity, ongoing database management and literature creation.


Stage 1 Consultation took place between November 2012 and February 2013. During this time Spring supported EDF Energy with the following:

  • Creation and distribution of regular community newsletters and emailers to identified Suffolk parishes and subscribers
  • Organisation and management of Sizewell C Community Forum members and events
  • Monthly parish council update emails
  • Support with strategy planning for consultation delivery
  • Creation of all exhibition materials including information boards and promotional literature
  • Organisation of and support at all formal exhibitions
  • Database management including logging all formal consultation responses, receiving and responding to all community email and phone line enquiries


  • More than 4,000 locals directly engaged.
  • 118 Parish Councils researched, recorded on database and tracked. 42% submitted formal feedback.
  • 22 town and community exhibitions held, attended by up to 230 people at a time.
  • More than 120 press articles and broadcasts generated, 73% neutral or positive.
  • 32% of locals responded to the consultation, two thirds in support or neutral to the development.
  • Coverage with negative and neutral sentiment has declined over the duration of the campaign in contrast to consistent levels of positive coverage.

Project Completed By Spring